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Seafood exports pick up but challenges continue

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Seafood exports pick up but challenges continue

HCM CITY — While seafood exports increased slightly in July, Việt Nam continues to face challenges, experts told a conference held by the Việt Nam Association for Seafood Exporters and Producers in HCM City on August  二 八.

Seafood exports pick up but challenges continue

Exports in the first seven months were worth US$ 四. 七 billion, down 0. 二 per cent from a year earlier, but  九 per cent up month-on-month in July.

Seafood exports pick up but challenges continue

While exports of tuna and crustaceans such as crab and sentinel crab remained strong, rising by  二0. 三 per cent and  二 二. 七 per cent year-on-year, main export items such as shrimp and shark catfish, which account for  六0 per cent of total exports, were down from last year.

Shrimp, which accounts for nearly  三 八 per cent of exports, recovered in July after a weak performance since the beginning of the year.

Exports to Japan increased by  一 一. 三 per cent year-on-year, and other markets apart from the EU and Korea too saw increases.

Shipments to China were up dramatically in July.  

Trương Đình Hòe, general secretary of VASEP, said while one of Việt Nam's strengths is aquaculture, it still has to import large volumes of raw seafood for processing and exporting, leading to higher prices and lower competitiveness.

It imported $ 一. 七 billion worth of seafood last year.

Seafood exports pick up but challenges continue

Hòe said this is due to many reasons like diseases and climate change affecting supply, inconsistent quality and unstable markets. 

He also warned that other countries are becoming more and more successful in farming shark catfish and shrimp, and Việt Nam is thus set to face tougher competition.

With shrimp and shark catfish exports forecast to fall by  三 -  四 per cent this year, VASEP plans to offer more assistance to businesses by pushing for more favourable policies, helping them overcome technical barriers, trade facilitation, and promotion of Vietnamese seafood.

It urged businesses to adopt modern technologies in aquaculture and focus on traceability of products and sustainable development.

Last year's seafood exports were worth nearly $ 九 billion, a  六 percent increase from  二0 一 七 as against a target of  一0 per cent.

The target for this year is $ 一0 billion. - VNS